From Petro Poroshenko FB page

Sept 24

The Russian plan is understandable. By misinforming people and camouflage their agency, they want to form powerful pro-Russian OPZH factions in the regional councils and Councils of regional centers from Sumy and Kharkiv to Mykolaiv and Odessa. They again dream of resurrecting the corpse of Novorossia, which we buried in the summer of 2014 But to do it already with the hands of your puppets in the regional councils.

It is very important that local government is represented by people with a firm Ukrainian patriotic position who profess European values. An example of such a person is cyborg Alexander Morozov, who is now in the team of ′′ European Solidarity “, and runs for the regional council of Sumy region.

We are going to win local elections and help people, community, country. We set ourselves a task to form factions in all regional councils and city councils across the country. And this is the first step to victory in all Ukraine. Victory of professionalism over diletantstvom. Victory of patriotism over ′′ what a difference “. Victory of the European future over the Russian-Soviet past.

I believe in our victory!


  • Translation from his FB page. He highlights the cities that he thinks are at risk from the Boykonazis.

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  • The pack of scum that Poroshenko means would never have had a chance for the very most part if he had been reelected, I’m certain. Too bad we now have such a shit nugget as Zelensky in Petro’s place. I hope very much that the Ukrainian people will have learned of their colossal mistake during the next elections.

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  • This is European reality.

    I admire Poro for his vision, but he sounds like someone who visited Europe in the 70’s. As of today, Europe is DEAD. Poland, Czechia and Slovakia are the last survivors, but sooner or later they will also end up like the rest.

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    • That looks very like Marylebone, where I used to live.
      Most UK muzloids pay their taxes and obey the law, but some of them are utterly vile, like the ones in the pic, who should be forcibly prevented from breeding, as a security measure.

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