Ukraine wants full integration into EU – Zelensky


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Ukraine seeks full integration into the European Union and wants to receive from the EU a clear membership perspective.

He stated this in an interview with Slovak economic newspaper Hospodarske noviny, the presidential press service said.

“Ukraine wants full integration into the EU. We are a European country and we can give a lot to Europe, working together. A lot on the European continent depends on the situation on Ukraine, so it would be logical if Ukraine became a full member of the European Union. We want to get from the EU a clearly formulated membership perspective for Ukraine. It is important for Ukrainians that the European Union recognizes and supports our aspirations,” Zelensky said.

He also stressed that the European Union is a key partner in restoring sovereignty and territorial integrity and supporting reforms in Ukraine.

He recalled that since the signing of the Association Agreement the EU has become Ukraine’s main trading partner, which already accounts for more than 40% of foreign trade, and since the introduction of the visa-free regime in 2017 Ukrainians have made 50 million trips to EU countries.

At the same time, Zelensky said that Ukraine is now working to use the potential of the Association Agreement as much as possible to further deepen integration with the EU, as well as to adapt the trade part of the Agreement to modern economic realities.

According to him, this will be one of the important topics of the EU-Ukraine Summit in Brussels on October 1.

Zelensky plans to pay an official visit to Slovakia on September 24.

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  • Yeah right! With the rampant corruption in Ukraine and zero settled conflicts Ukraine can be happy if they won’t lose the visa-free regime and the association. Don’t demand, DELIVER!

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    • The EU is itself highly corrupt, as are many of its members; eg Italy. So that should be no barrier. The barrier for Ukraine is and always was the Franco-German leadership which is afraid to upset their rodent fuhrer.

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