Navy Ships Start Practical Implementation Of Tasks Within Framework Of United Efforts 2020 Exercise


The ships of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have begun practical implementation of tasks at sea within the framework of the United Efforts 2020 strategic command and staff exercises.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.


“In the place of permanent basing, the crews of the ships replenished the necessary supplies and worked out the tasks of preparing for the battle and the campaign. Moving to the area of ​​the mission, the tactical group passed the navigable canal of the Dnieper-Buh estuary, after which it performed elements of general maneuvering at sea,” the statement reads.

It is noted that the training continued during the anchorage in the unprotected roadstead.


Already in the dark, naval sailors with the help of naval equipment carried out the launching and lifting of high-speed motor boats, as well as rapprochement and mooring of the group’s ships to each other.

In general, the maritime component of United Efforts 2020 envisages the implementation of a set of practical tasks in the Black Sea.

In particular, the teams of the ships of the domestic fleet will work out the passage by sea in suits and orders, artillery firing, sweeping of mine-hazardous water areas, anti-submarine sabotage measures, amphibious landing on an unequipped section of the coast, and others.

It is noted that all activities at sea are carried out in close cooperation with participants in other components of the exercises and under the clear leadership of the strategic and operational levels.

The exercise began on September 19.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, international military exercises Rapid Trident-2020 began in Lviv region on September 17.

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  1. When will Ukraine finally buy battleships and new fighter planes? The corrupt shitters are not spending a single dime on defense. Impeach the ruSSian clown!

    • There is very little information available online, but America is funding a joint US/Ukr naval base in Ochakiv. It will have the capability to accommodate US, Nato and Ukr warships. ‘It will be reinforcing and upgrading existing piers and adding a new floating dock, security fencing around the bases, ship repair facilities, and a pair of brand-new Maritime Operations Centers from which Ukrainian and NATO forces can direct exercises and coordinate activities.’
      It needs to be built into a mighty base with the capability to defend Ukraine’s integrity in the Black Sea.
      The same thing needs to happen with AirPower. The existing air base in the region needs to be massively expanded into a joint US/UKr operation, with US planes permanently based there, together with a network of SAM and SSM systems.

      • Pointless. Will US/Nato vessels and air power assist Ukraine in case of further ruSSian invasions? No. Therefore Ukraine needs to build the strongest military in Europe. Same goes for the Baltic States and Finland.

        • It appears not at the moment sadly. But it is possible that a POTUS with the integrity of Reagan or McCain could come along.
          But yes, Ukraine, even though desperately poor, needs to keep increasing military expenditure exponentially, which would require the return of Poro.
          Re Ochakiv, a high profile British journalist, Peter Hitchens, who has been shilling for putler for years, has several times expressed outrage on behalf of his masters about Ochakiv. His readers on the Mail On Sunday will know and care fuck all about Ochakiv, so it is an incongruity to see it appear in such a paper. It could be a sign that the kremkrappers are a bit concerned….

          • I want Yulia in charge. When she was prime minister Ukraine had an anual growth rate of 7%. Wiping corruption and creating an investor-friendly climate is the key to upgrading the army. Sadly she is hung up at 10% in the ‘polls’. I can assume that Ukraine has no free media. They are all rooting for oligarchs and pro-ruSSkies.

            • She would be an improvement on Zel, but don’t forget she’s part of the Dnepro clan and an old ally of Kolomoisky. She’s a divisive character and falls out with people all the time, only to fall back in with them. You never know where you are with her and that is why the people went off her. Her best bet would be to build bridges with Poro and consolidate the opposition. At the moment, Zel is in the lead, followed by Boyko’s nazis, Poro, Yulia and that guy Oleh (I forget his family name) of the Radical Party.

              • Ha! That was when she was young. She is way more relaxed now, although her temper is still as powerful as always. A coaltion and government with Poro is the only chance i see to defeat the clown and keep the pro-ruSSkies away from power. Boyko is a threat to Ukraine, maybe even a bigger than the invaders themselves.

                • I looked up the Radical party. Lyashko is the name I was seeking. I’ve a soft spot for him as he wants Ukr to clean up the oligarchs ‘with a pitchfork’, retake the occupied areas by force and restore Ukraine’s nukes. He’s a kind of left populist; not dissimilar to Yulia.
                  Poro, Yulia and Lyashko should join together, with the remnants of Samopomich and form a united opposition .
                  Whatever happens, it’s essential that the boykonazis are completely eradicated.

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