“Everywhere is ruin.” Mikhail Degtyarev, who left Khabarovsk during the rallies, reported on his trip to the region

The interim governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Mikhail Degtyarev, reported on Instagram about a trip to the region, which he began in late July almost immediately after his appointment.

“Everywhere is ruin, debts, debts, debts. Debts for heat, electricity, between the budgets, “- said Degtyarev.

According to him, during two months of his working trip, he visited all districts of the region and, having talked with people, made 80 appeals to the government and local authorities. Some of the instructions, as Degtyarev said, have already been completed.

For example, a dough-mixing machine was bought for a school in Okhotsk; floors and classrooms were repaired in two schools in the Komsomolsk District, and a backup diesel generator was purchased for the Tyrma village of the Verkhnebureinsky District.

Degtyarev added that the information he had collected during the trip “would be brought together” and would appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin (he did not specify why exactly).

Putin appointed Degtyarev Acting Governor of Khabarovsk on July 20, 2020. The former governor, Sergei Furgal, was detained on July 9 and then arrested on suspicion of organizing murders and attempts on businessmen in 2004-2005. 

On July 11, in Khabarovsk, rallies in support of Furgal began, at which, after the appointment of Degtyarev, demands were also heard that he should leave. Degtyarev refused to meet with the protesters and to  leave the post to which he was appointed.

Once Degtyarev nevertheless went out to the participants of the rally in Khabarovsk and talked with them for about half an hour. After the meeting between the Khabarovsk citizens and the governor, a fight broke out on the porch of the regional administration. Three days after that, Degtyarev began a long working trip around the edge.

(c)MEDUZA 2020

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