Chemist calling himself one of the creators of Novichok apologizes to Navalny

Chemist Vil Mirzayanov, who calls himself one of the developers of Novichok, on the Dozhd TV channel apologized to Alexei Navalny for the poisonous substance, which, presumably, caused the politician’s hospitalization .

“I sincerely apologize to Navalny for participating in this criminal business – for the development of this substance, which he poisoned himself with,” Mirzayanov said ( quoted by Kommersant).

Chemist Vil Mirzayanov on the air of “Dozhd”TV channel “Rain

According to Mirzayanov, in 1993 he met with a survivor of the Novichok poisoning. The symptoms described by that person, says Mirzayanov, are similar to those described by Navalny on September 19.

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  • Wouldn’t this sort of apology in mafia land provoke an elevator to explode? Or, cause you to walk backward into some bullets? Or, dying unexpectedly of a heart attack? Or, falling into a coma on a flight? Or, getting a polonium pellet stuck in a leg?

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