EU, U.S. announce that further support for Ukraine to depend on transparency of election of SAPO head


“EU, U.S. take note of Ukrainian parliament’s decision to appoint members to the commission to choose the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. The commission needs to embark on a transparent process with candidates’ integrity and merits at its core. Our further support will depend upon it,” a statement posted by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the EU Delegation to Ukraine on Twitter on Thursday says.

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  1. True friends do not offer conditional support to a nation that has suffered 360 years of death and misery from the most demonic empire in history that is still inflicting death and misery upon it. First you eliminate the core problem then you tackle the corruption that exists purely because of those 360 years of occupation. Talk about the bleeding obvious!

      • If you see your friend being beaten to death, do you wade in with both fists flying or do you try to get your already badly injured friend agree to do something for you before you agree to help him?

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