Navalny nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The scientists started the initiative to nominate the oppositionists

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize as Professor of New Jersey Rutgers University Sergei Erofeev reported on Facebook.

“There is more news about Alexei Navalny: today, a number of professors of recognised universities who deal with Russia nominated him for Nobel Peace Prize. It is not a new idea but it became more relevant and should receive wide response,” Erofeev wrote.

He noted that the scientists started the initiative to nominate the oppositionists. According to Erofeev, the professors might be supported by the government officials or representatives of the international organizations. The scientists also said that some people negatively treated the activity of Navalny earlier but they changed their minds.

Earlier, MP from the Norwegian Progress Party Christian Tibring-Gedde nominated US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. He could be awarded for his efforts to resolve long-term conflicts between different countries.

On August 20, Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was urgently hospitalized during his return to Moscow from Tomsk. He felt bad during the flight and the plane was urgently landed in Omsk. Alexei Navalny was put on a ventilator. Later, the doctors reported that Navalny was not poisoned. The head physician claimed that his metabolism has been impaired. 

On September 2, a special laboratory of the Bundeswehr has conducted a toxicological test using samples from Alexei Navalny and came to the conclusion that the Russian politician was poisoned with a substance of neuro-paralytic agent from the Novichok group.

On September 14, Alexei Navalny was disconnected from the artificial lung ventilation by the German doctors. Doctors claimed that Navalny’s condition continues to improve steadily. It was also reported that he was capable of getting out of the hospital bed for a short period of time.

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