NATO membership is Ukraine’s strategic course – Zelensky

NATO membership is Ukraine's strategic course – Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky says that NATO membership is Ukraine’s strategic course, and this is provided for by the country’s National Security Strategy approved on September 14.

“Every time I meet with international leaders, I emphasize that the war in eastern Ukraine is a threat not only for Ukraine, it is a threat to the security and stability of all countries in Europe and the world. Our partners are absolutely in solidarity with me on this issue, which is why we united to overcome existing challenges and find mechanisms for an adequate response to them. One of these is Ukraine’s integration into NATO. At the beginning of the week, I approved the National Security Strategy of Ukraine, according to which NATO membership is Ukraine’s strategic course,” he said during the opening of the 2020 Rapid Trident multinational exercises in Lviv region on Thursday.

Zelensky said that it is necessary to achieve compatibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the corresponding structures of NATO member states as quickly as possible. “And also to intensify reforms that will allow receiving an invitation and joining the NATO Membership Action Plan,” he said.

In his opinion, the 2020 Rapid Trident exercise is not only another stage in the improvement of military skills, but also an important step on the path of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

“These important exercises will improve the operational capabilities of our troops, improve the level of compatibility between the units and headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the United States and other NATO members and partners,” the president said.

Zelensky thanked all the participants in the exercises and Ukraine’s international partners for their continued support to contain Russian aggression and help to strengthen the combat capability of the Ukrainian army.



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