Lukashenko asks Putin for ‘some types of weapons’

Also, the Belarusian president is ready to discuss the issue of the Union State

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko asked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to supply “certain types of weapons.” BelTA informs about it.

“I also asked the President of Russia about certain types of weapons. I told him that when you arrive, we will see what we need and where we really need to strengthen in terms of the Union State. There is nothing to fear, we are ready to go for it. Recent events show that we need to to defend the interests of both Belarusians and Russians more courageously. It so happened that in this regard we were left alone, but not the weakest,” Lukashenko said.

According to the Belarusian president, it is a mistake to think that Belarus has weakened and will not withstand the current situation in the country.

“We are able to keep the situation not only in Belarus, but also along the perimeter of our borders. You can be sure of our reliability in terms of the defense of our common Fatherland – from Brest to Vladivostok,” he said.

As we reported before, the European Union does not consider Aleksander Lukashenko legitimate President of Belarus. The authority plans to impose sanctions because of the events in that country.

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  1. The price of the nazi shitweasel’s continued support is annexation on the Crimean model and to hell with the democratic wishes of the people.

    • The EU will announce their sanctions by the end of September. WTF are they waiting for, Luka won’t go anywhere and puny sanctions won’t impress him either. He’s already sold Belarus down the river, so they might as well sanction the life out of him. No need to keep open any diplomatic relations either, he’s not answering.

      • Since it is now pretty much a province of the shithole next door, the sanctions should be directed at the nazi rodent. But the fucking krauts and frogs will put the kybosh on it as usual. Utter cunts.

  2. By fully owning Belarus, Kazakhstan and Crimea – Putin now restored most of the USSR. In addition he has his vassals in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Ukraine needs a new government asap, to kick some ass!

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