When will the first goal be launched on the Mariupol Ice Arena? (EXCLUSIVE)

On the left bank of Mariupol, the construction of the Ice Arena continues, which will open very soon. MRPL journalists . CITY visited the location and learned the details of the reconstruction.

A bright red dome has already been erected over the arena, work has been completed on the creation of a modern two-story facade of the building and the inscription “Mariupol ice center” has been installed. At the moment, the builders are improving the adjacent territory and are engaged in interior finishing work.

“Construction work is already at its final stage. We are very satisfied with the quality of work and materials used. The arena will be in demand – we have a strong figure skating school, and the appearance of hockey in the city will glorify Mariupol as a hockey city, ”said Sergei Zakharov, deputy mayor of Mariupol.

According to him, the Canadian ice field, 28 by 58 meters in size, meets all European standards for holding the Ukrainian Hockey Championship and receiving UHL teams.

It is known that the area of ​​the arena is about three and a half thousand square meters. The highlight of the ice complex will be the observation deck on the second floor, which will also house a gym and a food court. Initially, the complex will accommodate 220 spectators, but later this figure will increase fivefold .

“Finishing work remains, furniture has already been prepared, changing rooms have been equipped. All hockey equipment is of the highest quality Czech production. During the construction, energy-saving technologies were used – a three-layer dome with UV protection. Thanks to this, the arena can be used in the summer as well, ”said Vitaliy Nishimny, the customer’s representative at the facility.

He stressed that in addition to holding hockey matches and figure skating, they plan to use the arena as a venue for winter holidays with a large New Year tree, light music and discos.

Also, on the basis of the ice arena, two children’s youth schools will open – figure skating and ice hockey. About 500 Mariupol children will be able to take part in winter sports.

In addition to the ice arena, the location will also have a “water” one – in the future, the complex will have a six-lane floating pool that will operate all year round.

“At the site where the arena is installed, a swimming pool has been designed, communications to which have already been connected, a power transformer has already been installed, water supply and sewerage networks have been installed. Pools should be in every district of Mariupol. The site will be a continuation of the Veselka park with a similar archetype; it will all be a single complex on the left bank of the city, ”noted Sergei Zakharov.

The city will also improve the area of ​​one and a half hectares around the ice arena – it is planned to equip a bicycle park, install external lighting, trash cans, benches and carry out landscaping. Parking will be located behind the arena. The number of places will be determined according to calculations after the end of construction – about 60 parking places will be equipped in advance.

21.7 million hryvnias were allocated for the improvement of the territory, more than 11 million were spent supplying power for two objects.

A little more than a month is left before the grand opening of the Ice Arena, tentatively it will take place on October 17-18.


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