Belarus Opposition Leader Is U.S. Protege – Russia Spy Chief

Russia’s foreign intelligence chief on Wednesday accused the United States of protecting Belarus opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and allocating $20 million to promote anti-government protests that erupted after disputed presidential elections.

Sergei Naryshkin, who heads the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), said Washington had taken the former presidential candidate Tikhanovskaya and other activists “firmly under its wing” in a statement published by Russian news agencies.

Tikhanovskaya, a 38-year-old former English teacher and translator and more recently a full-time mother, stood for president after the jailing of her husband, popular video blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky.

Her campaign proved a surprise success and she claimed victory over longtime leader Alexander Lukashenko in disputed polls.

Tikhanovskaya took shelter in neighboring Lithuania after coming under official pressure and many of her leading supporters have since been forced out of Belarus or jailed. 

Naryshkin said the West had started to prepare protests long before the Aug. 9 election, adding that the U.S. had given various rights groups $20 million in funding from last year.

The money went to “independent bloggers,” he said, while “experienced American instructors” gave training to the most promising activists in countries including Poland and Ukraine.

“The protests from the start were well-organized in nature and coordinated from abroad,” Naryshkin said.

“According to the SVR’s information, the U.S. is playing a crucial role in the current events in Belarus.”

Color revolution ‘textbook’

Lukashenko has already flung accusations at various countries over the mass protests calling for an end to his rule, initially accusing Russia of seeking to destabilize the country but later blaming countries including Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Britain.

“We know who is in charge (of protests), who wants something to happen in Belarus and so we’re not letting down our guard and we’re ready to respond to any challenge,” Lukashenko told a meeting with top officials on Wednesday.

He said the United States was “primarily” behind protests through its “network of foundations to support so-called democracy.”

He alleged that protest organizers had used a “textbook for color revolutions,” referring to the overthrow of pro-Kremlin leaders in other ex-Soviet states such as Ukraine.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • He said the United States was “primarily” behind protests through its “network of foundations to support so-called democracy.”

    Well Luka, it’s very hard to believe a liar like yourself, or Dwarfy in the Kremlin. First we had you blaming Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Britain, who funded the opposition with $6 billion. Then Muscovy got involved, and the RT lie machine, and surprise, surprise, it was the US all along. Not sure what happened to the $6 billion, it’s quite a drop to $20 million. As Russia are accusing the US, I suppose they will back up their claims with evidence of course.

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  • How they bribed 78% of the Belarusians to vote for Svetlana? She did not even get airtime in the elections!

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    • Its very interesting how the Putinists try to make Europe and the USA the bad guys. Despite all their efforts the last couple of years, favorability of both has risen a lot in Moskovia. Putin is losing his grip on his propaganda and the truth is winning.
      Considering the last year and a half, Russian support for the EU has risen from 28% to 52%.
      Russian support for the US has risen from 20% to 47%.
      So one could say with confidence that now HALF of Russians do not consider “The West” in a negative light. Putin is failing. If this trend continues there will be Red Square Maidan and Putin’s cold, limp body hanging from a tractor in Red Square.
      Slava Ukraini~~!!

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      • Tractor and tow vehicle you mean. 😂

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      • I would doubt those findings, even though Levada is believed to be independent. Obviously Trumpkov is presented in a positive light by putinazi media, but I have my own theory about the EU. Far from being antagonistic towards it, putler sees it as an asset and wanted Britain out not to weaken the EU, but to strengthen it. Of the remaining members only Poland and Pribaltika are anti-putler. The rest are indifferent or pro-putler. The last category is the biggest and still growing: Franco-Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Greece.


        • So you’re saying the Russian propaganda machine is writing nice things about Trump but bad things about his country? Interesting dichotomy there. I don’t see how a rational person can separate the two., especially from a Moskali point of view which is that the leader is responsible for everything.

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          • Your Levada link shows a growing Russian support for the EU and America. This can ONLY be because of the messages that state media put out. Apart from a minority of liberal intellectuals (whatever is left from those who supported Nemtsov and Kasparov) and Navalny’s fans (who knows how many they number?), the rest think as they are told to think by Russian media, in particularly the spectacularly vile Dmitry Kisilev. (That’s the guy who Brian Whitmore at CEPA watches every night ‘so you don’t have to’.
            The night that Trump won, Moscow TV studios were showing scum like Kisilev, Zhirininovsky etc drinking champagne!
            As far as the EU are concerned, it is now abundantly clear that the countries that run Europe: Germany/France, are Russian assets and no doubt the likes of Kisilev reflect that.

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