Water for Crimea: Ukraine calls invaders’ accusations null and void


Ukraine will fully resume water supply to Crimea only after the complete de-occupation of the peninsula, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s press service has reported.

“Any allegations of alleged violations of international law by Ukraine in connection with a halt in the water supply are null and void from the point of view of international law. They are apparently designed to ‘appoint the culprit’ for the costs incurred by Russia for the seventh year as a result of its illegal occupation of Crimea and the large-scale militarization of the peninsula, which is paid for by Russian taxpayers,” the report reads.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that under the pretext of “humanitarian needs” the Russian occupation authorities in Crimea do not have enough water for the accelerated development of military facilities and defense industry enterprises.

“It is also obvious that the need for water resources is growing against the background of the colonization of the peninsula – rapid population growth as part of a purposeful policy to change the demographic composition of Crimea. Such actions of the occupying power are a war crime. Their goal is to populate the Ukrainian territories with Russian citizens who are loyal to the expansive policy of their state and, thus, to secure the illegal occupation,” the report said.

As for the provision of water to the population of the temporarily occupied Crimea, as in the case of the provision of the temporarily occupied territory with other resources, food and medical supplies, in accordance with the Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of August 12, 1949, this applies entirely to the occupying power, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

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  • RuSSians. They expect us to do catering for terrorists? Ffss…

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  • The putinazi war criminals are happy to murder their neighbours, steal their land, thieve off their resources and fund a multi$billion gas pipe line to Germany, yet will not pay out a few $millions to provide desalination plants for the people they occupy..

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    • It’s beyond ridiculous. Crimea is surrounded by water. With desalination plants they could turn the peninsula into a rain forest. I think they don’t build any to be able to blame Ukraine, suggesting Ukraine does not give a sailing poop about Crimeans.

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    • Crimea is already having salt problems. Reverse Osmosis plants do not completely rid the water of salt. Flash Distillation would, but requires a nuke plant for the kind of heat they would need to supply the volume of water required. Both are expensive.

      Putin is trying to get Ukraine to pay for their own dispossession. I say. let him eat salt.

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      • The process does not produce potable water, simply household water. Drinking water in Russia and land occupied by Russia has to be purchased as a separate commodity.

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  • Only a Ruskie would expect the real owner of a car he stole to pay for the gas.
    If this winter is another dry one, it’s game over in Crimea.

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