Analyst: The West has nothing to offer Eastern Slavs but a maidan

Warning! Article contains verbal diarrhea of the Russian kind.

MOSCOW, 14 September (BelTA) – The recent events in Belarus have shown that the West has nothing in store for Eastern European nations but a color revolution, Russian political analyst, international journalists Dmitry Babich told BelTA.

“There is every indication of a color revolution in Belarus,” Dmitry Babich said. “The situation in Belarus has demonstrated that the West has nothing to offer us but a maidan. When I say ‘us’, I mean all East Slavs. There is no peaceful, quiet scenario for Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians. There is only an aggressive way to come to power. The principle is as follows: we win the election if we can, if not – then we oppose it, proclaim it rigged, and eventually win anyway. This method worked in Ukraine and now they have tried to use it in Belarus,” he added.

The expert believes that all the recent events in Belarus have dotted all the i’s in a way. “It is perfectly clear for me that the threat to Belarus’ sovereignty comes not from the East, but, of course, from the West,” he noted.

Dmitry Babich believes that the West has been getting in the way of the integration between Belarus and Russia for many years. “The actions of the West cannot be justified by financial, economic interests,” he stressed. “Look at the situation in Ukraine: who benefited from it? No one. Ukraine suffered, this is clear, Russia suffered losses because of the EU sanctions. Even the USA got affected, because when the Ukrainian and Russian business becomes poorer, the U.S. business also loses some of its income. This is why economic reasons cannot explain the actions of the West: it is about the ideology that calls itself liberal. In fact, I do not know how to call it: ultraliberal or something else. These are definitely not the 20th-century liberals, not the true champions of human rights. The modern West wants to weaken Russia. And how can one weaken a large country? Any large country has either minorities that are dissatisfied with something, or neighbors in a difficult situation. The modern West takes advantage of this: it did so in Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic states, and is trying to take advantage of this in Belarus,” he believes.

“I am sure that the Western ideology will go away. But before that it will try to ruin a lot of people,” Dmitry Babich added.

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  • I notice this retard does not explain what Russia have to offer Ukraine or Belarus, besides servitude, repression, slavery and living in shitholes. Sorry, Ukraine have been there for 70 years, they are now moving towards civilization. If Belarus want to be kept in the 20th century, that’s up to them. Being ruled by Muscovy will ensure it.

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  • The principle is as follows: we win the election if we can, if not……………………reminder Fascist Babich, Svetlana got 78%, your Hitler look-a-like 3%.

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  • You forgot to mention the CIA is paying the Luka supporters to stay at home and not support him! hahahahaha……….

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  • “The recent events in Belarus have shown that the West has nothing in store for Eastern European nations but freedom and economic growth.”
    There, fixed it.

    Here, an alternative:
    “The recent events in Belarus have shown that mafia land has nothing in store for Eastern European nations but jackboots, organized crime, murdered opposition leaders and murdered journalists who are critical of the mobsters.”

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  • What does the West offer Eastern Slaves?
    Well if The Baltics, Poland and Romania are a indication:
    Higher GDP growth.
    Higher Per capita GDP.
    Higher freedom on the Freedom index.
    Greater external job opportunities.
    Higher standing on the happiness index.
    Lower GDP spent on military.Higher standing on the corruption index.
    What does Russia offer?

    I’ll get back to you.

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