Protesters in Minsk headed towards the village of Drozdy, where Lukashenka’s residence is located. The media reported shots in the air

The bulk of the protesters in Minsk are moving towards the elite village of Drozdy, where one of the residences of Alexander Lukashenko is located and where many high-ranking Belarusian officials live. This was reported by “Mediazona”.

According to the  assessment of “Nasha Niva”, no less than 100 thousand people participated in the protest. Interfax estimates the number of participants at 150,000. According to the agency, the protesters were divided into several large columns.

According to Onliner, one of the columns reached the barrier that the security forces built in the area of ​​Novovilenskaya Street. According to Onliner, a warning shot was fired into the air. According to Interfax, there were several shots. Information about the nature of the weapon was not specified.

According to Onliner and , the security forces cut the column of those gathered on Novovilenskaya. People began to move away. The main column of protesters, according to the Belarusian media, continues to move towards Drozdy.

Updated . The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus 

told RIA Novosti that they have no information about the shooting in the Novovilenskaya area.

Actions against Alexander Lukashenko are held in Minsk every Sunday throughout the month. Previous actions collected from 100 to more than 200 thousand people.

(C)MEDUZA 2020

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