Requirement to present passport of Ukraine or Russia turns out to be impossible for head of “DNR” “representative office in JCCC”

The occupiers have admitted that it is impossible for Ruslan Yakubov, who calls himself the head of the “DNR” representative office in the JCCC, to present a Ukrainian or Russian passport. This is said in the statement of the so-called “DNR” “representative office in the JCCC”.

“The Ukrainian side voiced new requirements for the inspection at the last moment. The head of the JCCC of Ukraine demanded that “head” of the “DNR” “representative office” in the JCCC Ruslan Yakubov… present passport of the Russian Federation or Ukraine, as well as the absence of any mention of the abbreviation “DNR” on the chevrons and identification document, – the statement said.

Occupation authorities of the “DNR” assure that Yakubov is unable to confirm his identity with documents of the Russian Federation or Ukraine, since he is a “citizen” of the fake “DNR”.

“In the opinion of the Ukrainian side, the presence of the “DNR” passport, an identification document of head of the “DNR “representative office in the JCCC, as well as a chevron with the “DNR” flag are factors that impede the inspection”, – the occupiers are indignant.

According to some media reports, the “DNR” militant who calls himself Ruslan Yakubov does not have a Ukrainian passport, since he is a citizen of Russia. He also cannot show a Russian passport, since in fact, he works in the occupied territory under cover and under an assumed name. In fact, the journalists found out that Ruslan Yakubov is a career officer of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate Ruslan Vakhitov.

As previously reported, the joint inspection with representatives of occupation forces and the OSCE, scheduled for September 10, did not take place due to the non-constructive demands of the “DNR”.

(C)OSTROV 2020


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