Ukraine’s ZAZ launches Renault cars production for domestic market

ZAZ underwent major upgrading to fully comply with Groupe Renault’s international quality standards.



The largest manufacturer of cars and buses in Ukraine Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ), which is part of UkrAVTO Corporation, has launched the production of Groupe Renault vehicles for the Ukrainian market.

Before the launch of the project, ZAZ had undergone major upgrading to fully comply with Groupe Renault’s international quality standards.

The Alliance Production Way system, which will be strictly managed, has been deployed at the plant to provide the Ukrainian market with cars of international quality,” the company’s press service said on its website on September 10. The project’s benefits Chairman of ZAZ’s Board Mykola Yevdokymenko says the project will create new jobs and contribute to the development of the domestic automotive industry.

“Localized assembly allows us to remain in close proximity to our customers, adapting offers and services to the needs of the market,” the press service quoted Yevdokymenko as saying.

Groupe Renault Export on the project Managing Director of Groupe Renault Export Eurasia Region Max Missana, in turn, says that the Ukrainian market has high potential due to its location and growing interest in new cars. According to Missana, Groupe Renault has a strong position in Ukraine and maintains the market leadership.

The project means that the Groupe and its partners are confident that the ‘Made in Ukraine’ brands will be of the same quality as products of Groupe Renault’s other plants.

About ZAZ Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ) is the only enterprise in Ukraine with the complete cycle of passenger cars production, including stamping, welding, painting, and assembling.

The enterprise is part of UkrAVTO Corporation. UkrAVTO Corporation is a major importer and official dealer of over 20 automotive brands, has its own complete production cycle. The corporation owns a controlling stake in ZAZ Plc. UkrAVTO has over 400 car service centers across Ukraine.

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