Die Zeit: Navalny was poisoned by Russian special services – a new type of “Novichok”, from which he was supposed to die on the plane

Russian politician Alexei Navalny was poisoned by a new type of Novichok, more dangerous than the previous known variations. This is reported by Die Zeit, citing unnamed sources. 

According to the plan of the poisoners, the newspaper writes, Navalny was to die on the plane. The politician survived only “thanks to a chain of happy accidents” – the actions of the pilot, who immediately decided to land the plane, and the doctors who promptly injected him with atropine. 

According to Die Zeit, an operation using such a newest poison could only be carried out by the Russian special service – it simply could not be synthesized by ordinary criminals, and such a serious operation of any foreign special service on the territory of Russia, Die Zeit notes, is “unthinkable” in the conditions that Navalny was under constant surveillance. “This leaves only one plausible conclusion: it was the Kremlin who gave the order to get the unwanted politician out of the way,” Die Zeit says. 

The remains of the substance, according to sources of the publication, German doctors found on the neck of a bottle of water, from which Navalny drank, and on his hands. According to Die Zeit, the German authorities believe that one of the agents who followed the politician could have inflicted poison on the surface of the cup from which the politician was drinking tea, or sprinkled poison into the finished tea.

Officially, representatives of the Russian authorities say that the analyzes of Navalny, made in Omsk, showed no traces of poison in his body. At the same time, Meduza’s sources said that in Omsk the politician had a “clear picture of the poisoning,” so he was injected with atropine even when he was in the ambulance.

On September 2, the German authorities officially announced that tests carried out by a special laboratory of the Bundeswehr showed the presence of traces of poison from the Novichok group in Navalny’s body. The German authorities demanded an explanation from Russia in connection with the situation.

(C)MEDUZA 2020


  • Yeah we heard the demand from Germany and other countries to hear an explanation. Weeks later all we hear is crickets from Putin. Time to cut the umbilical cord.

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    • This is what Pompeo said. I’m not sure he realises yet, that Muscovy is not a normal country, and can’t be treated as one.

      “I think people all around the world will see this kind of activity for what it is,” he added. “And when they see the effort to poison a dissident, they recognise that there is a substantial chance that this actually came from Russia”.

      He added that “the world has matured and come to an understanding that this is not how normal countries operate, and this will prove costly for the Russians.”

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