Seems Zelensky’s days are counted…



We, relatives and neighbors of the Ukrainian wars who died defending Ukraine during the most important period of Russian aggression, read with bitter surprise in various media shocking information that the operation to remove Ukrainian Russian mercenaries and Wagner fighters was disrupted.

It’s not just fighters of an odious mercenary unit. These people who killed our relatives fought against our army in Donbass in 14-15 years. These are war criminals who have committed many bloody crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Some of which have become the most tragic pages of this war.

I’m not interested in scandals, speculations and the appearance of dozens of unconfirmed versions. We need the truth and a clear understanding that the state performs its functions of protecting the law, its citizens, its soldiers, and serves the triumph of justice – and not vice versa. Because unseen evil has the power to be repeated again, and worst of all, to remind people of themselves who have previously suffered from losing more of their loved ones.

That is why we need justice and the establishment of truths. We demand an answer to the question – who is to blame for the fact that the militants, on whose hands the blood of Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian military and pilots – escaped punishment at the last moment?

Of course, we are ordinary people, and we did not hold operational files in our hands. However, today with all the mass media – journalistic investigations, visits of a number of people’s deputies, as well as testimonies of Ukrainian spies themselves – it is clear that the special operation on the use of “wagnivtsi” was that it was being prepared for a long time. the killers were to land in Ukraine.

According to available data, these are people who shot down Ukrainian Il-76 military planes in Luhansk, Su-25 military planes and a Mi-8 helicopter near Slovyansk. And also before the downing of the Russian “Buk” Malaysian Boeing MH17, as a result of which 298 citizens of other states were killed.

Who and why “drained” the information, and thus broke the support?

Why didn’t the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine respond to Lukashenko’s offer to come to Minsk to start these mercenaries to take part in the aggression against Ukraine? Ukrainian law enforcement agencies should be more interested than anyone else in showing the world the facts of war crimes committed by the Russian Federation and Russia’s involvement in organizing and financing wars and killings. But this did not happen. Why?

Practically the only tool with which to find answers to these and other questions is the creation of the Temporary Next Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. And we insist that such a TSC begin its work immediately. Ignoring our demands, as well as the demands of an active, caring part of society, will be broken over the memory of the fallen defenders of Ukraine.

We demand responsibility for those who threatened the lives of Ukrainian spies who worked on the operation.

And it’s not just us who need it. Ukraine needs this.

It is necessary, after all, for the civilized world, because in order to ensure the murder and the militants, in the long run they will remain not before the Ukrainian, but before the international courts.

© 2020 Ukraine Today


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