Lukashenka said that the protesters are receiving signals from space. From “American bastards with a center near Warsaw”

Natalia Fedosenko / TASS / Scanpix / LETA

Alexander Lukashenko explained why on August 23 he arrived at the Palace of Independence by helicopter only when the protesters gathered there had already dispersed. According to his version, it was not he who was afraid of the protesters. It was the protesters who received a signal from space that Lukashenka was approaching and therefore hastened to get away. Lukashenko said this during an interview in Minsk with Margarita Simonyan (RussiaToday), Anton Vernitsky (Channel One), Roman Babayan (Moscow Talking) and Yevgeny Rozhkov (Russia 1). said that Americans are watching everything from spaceMeduza

Follow Lukashenko’s thought:

“I saw what was going on in Belarus, and you remember, then for the first time they rushed here, to the Palace of Independence. It is clear that we calculated this option and, as it should, the Palace of Independence was protected. But when they moved here, nearby, in Drozdy, literally two kilometers from here, across the lake I have a presidential helicopter. I think: I have to see what’s going on there. “

Further, Lukashenka said that the Americans, who controlled the protesters at the Palace of Independence, were behind everything:

“I get into a helicopter, but they, bastards, the Americans are leading, they can see everything from space, and they gave a signal to their center near Warsaw that the presidential helicopter has risen… And as soon as the presidential helicopter took off, which is literally, well, if directly, one and a half kilometers, it was like that, in my opinion, they started running. They began to disperse. <…> I sank low in a helicopter and watched when they began to leave the Palace of Independence. “

A video of Lukashenka flying up by helicopter to the Palace of Independence was published by the state news agency of Belarus “Belta”. In the helicopter, along with Lukashenko, was his 15-year-old son Nikolai – in a bulletproof vest and with a machine gun.

“How the rats scattered,” says the senior Lukashenka on the video. After that, he turns to, presumably, his son: “We ran. They found out that you will be there. “

(C)MEDUZA 2020


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