In Kyiv the SBU detained a foreign fighter of MTO “Islamic State”

In the capital, the Security Service of Ukraine detained one of the leaders of the international terrorist organization “Islamic State”, who is wanted by Interpol.

According to the data received by the Ukrainian special services, the criminal is a native of one of the post-Soviet countries and is a member of the leadership of the IS terrorists. It is established that at one time he was detained by the deputy of the well-known Chechen radical Islamist Ahmed Chataev, who is suspected of organizing a terrorist attack at Ataturk International Airport in 2016. The foreigner took part in hostilities in Syria and Iraq, was engaged in the selection and training of militants, organized terrorist attacks.

In 2018, a terrorist illegally arrived in Ukraine on the basis of forged documents. In the Kyiv region, he created a criminal group, which included people from Central Asia. According to operative information, during this time he continued to coordinate ID cells abroad.

A terrorist was detained in the capital. He is currently under arrest for 40 days. The extradition check procedure has started.

The SBU is also investigating the possible involvement of an international criminal and members of a criminal group in the preparation of terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine.

(C)SBU 2020

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