From FB page: The Grocer’s Daughter. (Margaret Thatcher)

Sept 9. 2020

My friends, every generation has to fight anew the battle for liberty. In my generation, Nazism and then Communism were the enemy, and they very nearly prevailed. Then, as now, strong arms and stout hearts were called upon to sustain the struggle for truth and right.

But just as important, if less heroic, is the role of ideas.

People were often struck by how closely President Reagan and I could work together. But there was no secret about why it was so. Before coming to power, each of us had drunk deep from the same well of ideas. Because of that, we knew where we stood; we could stand firm; and we also knew that we would stand together.

We weren’t what are sometimes called pragmatists. We used that old-fashioned short cut to the right results, which consists of right principles. We didn’t need to ask ourselves those endless questions about “What Works?”.

We knew what worked.

Small government.

Low taxes.

Sound money.

Private property.


They are what worked – and they always work.

May 14, 2003 Margaret Thatcher.
Speech to the Atlantic Bridge.


  • Naziism and Communism can gain traction in a simple agrarian society with no middle class. They cannot do so in successful countries, so the revolutionaries operate from within the system, using social engineering, hate, propaganda and lies. They obtain jobs in academia, social services and leftist politics. There is no such thing as ‘Democratic socialism’. Just as there are no Democratic nazis or pisslamists. They are all fascists.

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  • Two great leaders above!
    Boy, how much they would be needed now! Any one of them makes any other politician today look like street a bum.

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