Drohobych plant starts producing military vehicles according to NATO standards

Drohobych plant starts producing military vehicles according to NATO standards

PHOTOS09.09.2020 17:15

Drohobych Truck Crane Plant in Ukraine’s Lviv region, which manufactures military vehicles according to NATO standards, has resumed operations, Drohobych City Council’s press service has reported.

According to the report, this is the only enterprise in Ukraine producing vehicles of this kind.

“A truck crane plant in Drohobych resumed operations after a halt in production. Today, military cranes and excavators are made here, and they not inferior in quality and capacity to foreign analogs. In addition, old cranes and excavators are repaired and modernized here. The peculiarity of this plant is that such an enterprise is the only one in Ukraine, and its products meet NATO standards,” the report reads.

The city council also said that the company has now established cooperation with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. For the first time, the Ukrainian army will receive a domestic military truck crane KTA-25 on a KrAZ chassis and a domestic military excavator EOV4421MU.

PJSC Drohobych Truck Crane Plant is a powerful machine-building enterprise, one of the largest in the western region of Ukraine, specializing in the manufacture of lifting equipment. The plant was founded in 1965.

In 2013, the plant suspended operations and then declared bankruptcy. In 2017, Zaporizhia Regional Commercial Court declared the plant bankrupt and ordered the liquidation procedure. UAH 150 million in investment was needed to resume production.

The enterprise gradually began to resume operations from the autumn of 2018.



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