The Belarusian authorities have developed a plan for overcoming the crisis. They are going to change the Constitution and hold new elections by 2022

The Belarusian authorities have presented Russia and the  OSCE with a plan to overcome the internal political crisis, RBC reports. The plan stipulates that by 2022 the Constitution of Belarus will be amended to weaken the power of the president in favor of the government and parliament, after which new presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in the country.

On August 28, a special meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council was held in Vienna, dedicated to the situation in Belarus. A representative of Minsk spoke at it, said two interlocutors of RBC who saw the text of his statement. The speaker said that the constitutional reform is the only way to hold new elections before the expiration of the next, sixth, five-year term of Alexander Lukashenko.

The representative of Minsk also assured that in the course of the constitutional reform, the political system of Belarus will be liberalized, the role of parties will increase, and the electoral legislation will change (RBC does not specify how exactly). The amendments to the Constitution are planned to be adopted at a referendum, as  Lukashenka had promised even before the presidential elections.

The draft amendments to the Constitution of Belarus are already ready. It was developed by the judges of the Constitutional Court under the leadership of the deputy chairman of the court Natalia Karpovich. However, Lukashenko has not yet approved it, a source in one of the Russian ministries told RBC, who, as the newspaper writes, “works in the Belarusian direction”.

According to the interlocutors of RBC, the topic of early presidential and parliamentary elections by 2022 was also raised at the  talks between the heads of the Russian and Belarusian Foreign Ministries on September 2. “In essence, this is the same thing that the opposition is proposing, but in a more relaxed atmosphere,” one of the sources told RBC. He noted that before the new elections, Lukashenka needs to provide himself with security guarantees.

Lukashenka has repeatedly stated that he allows early elections in Belarus only after the constitutional reform. He has been  talking  about this reform since 2016, but does not name a specific time frame for its implementation. Lukashenka also promised that the draft of the new Constitution will be submitted for public discussion. It is not yet presented to the public.

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  • “The Belarusian authorities have presented Russia and the OSCE with a plan…”
    The OSCE is irrelevant due to its ineffectiveness and mafia land doesn’t care … it has its own plans.
    I wonder how the Belarus people will receive this plan. I’d wager that they won’t like it. They probably don’t trust the entire gang in the Belarus government.

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  • No new constitution is needed. You lost Luka, and in two years time, most of the opposition will be dead or deported. Plus, if you lose the next election, what then, more false accusations and people murdered by your SS troops?

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