From the FB page of Mikhail Saakashvili

Sept 8 (translation).

I agreed to the proposal of the united Georgian opposition to become Prime Minister after winning the parliamentary elections on October 31

The fact is, now parliamentary elections are not held in Ukraine, but are held in Georgia. Of course, I want to help my Georgian people get out of the crisis. Therefore, I have announced that I agree to be a transitional Prime Minister not for a full term, but for a stabilization period until we manage to overcome the deep crisis in Georgia.

While I am in Ukraine and I am performing my functions as the head of the executive committee of the National Council of Reforms. We are preparing for the regular meeting of the National Council, which we have a very important agenda. We will offer the meeting comprehensive reforms of the Reduced Use, Electricity Connections, Judicial Reform and GASK reform. In addition, the parliament will soon consider the customs reform proposed by us earlier, the introduction of Tax on withdrawal capital and Privatization Reform. Also, I continue traveling in Ukraine and work as usual. For me, the fate of Ukraine and Georgia is inseparable.

I don’t choose between two countries, my struggle continues both there and there.

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