Belarus Opposition Figure Detained at Ukraine Border

One of Belarus’s leading opposition figures Maria Kolesnikova has been detained while trying to cross into Ukraine, border officials said Tuesday. 

Kolesnikova was detained while attempting to cross overnight with two other members of the opposition’s Coordination Council who were able to pass through to Ukraine, Anton Bychkovsky, a spokesman for the State Border Committee, told AFP. 

She and the two other council members, press secretary Anton Rodnenkov and executive secretary Ivan Kravtsov, had disappeared on Monday. 

Bychkovsky said Rodnenkov and Kravtsov were able to cross into Ukraine, and the Ukrainian embassy in Minsk confirmed to AFP they were in the country.

Kolesnikova was being held and “an investigation is under way to legally assess the situation,” Bychkovsky said. 

State news agency Belta quoted border officials as saying the three had tried to cross the border in a BMW car around 4:00 a.m. Tuesday.

The Coordination Council was set up to ensure a peaceful transfer of power after President Alexander Lukashenko’s main rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya rejected his claim to have won an Aug. 9 presidential election with 80% of the vote.

The disputed election has sparked widespread protests and a harsh police crackdown that has seen several thousand people arrested.

Germany and Britain had on Monday demanded answers after Kolesnikova went missing and allies said she had been snatched off the streets by unidentified men in black.

Kolesnikova, 38, is the only one of the trio of women who fronted Tikhanovskaya’s campaign to remain in Belarus.

Tikhanovskaya left the country under pressure from the authorities and was granted refuge in EU member state Lithuania, while her other campaign partner, Veronika Tsepkalo, is now in Ukraine.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • So this woman gets kidnapped by Luka’s goons, then receives an offer she can’t refuse. Stay here and die, or leave the country. Russia are trying to drag Ukraine into this shit, 3 leaders of the opposition all leave, or attempt to leave the country. One turns up in Lithuania, one in Poland, now this lady in Ukraine. Why did Putin/Luka choose to deport these 3 women to these particular countries? The 3 countries that have been accused of funding the protestors. Ukraine should play smart here, and send this woman back. Ukraine has enough on it’s plate at the moment, and doesn’t need to get involved with Luka’s terrorism.

    Update! “Maria Kolesnikova tried to illegally leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus but was detained on the border,” BelTA said on Telegram.

    I think we can take no notice of this crap from Luka’s puppet media.

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  • I’m sure traitor Zelensky assisted Belorussia to have her arrested.

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  • Kalesnikava “bravely tore her passport”, which prevented her from entering Ukraine, Hromadske reports.

    Seems they wanted to push her on Ukraine in an attempt to drag us into the Belorussian drama, but she bravely spoiled it.

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  • Britain’s Dominic Raab to RuSSia’s ambassador: ‘It is unacceptable that a chemical weapon was used in the attack on Navalny’.

    In other words, if he would have been thrown out of a window all would be fine…

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  • Here is Luka being interviewed, or receiving orders from Putin’s vile propaganda machine. The interview was attended by the editor-in-chief of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan, correspondent of Channel One Anton Vernitsky, host of the Vesti ( Russia 1) program Yevgeny Rozhkov, editor-in-chief of the radio station Moscow Says Roman Babayan. Evil meeting evil. A nice big bomb on that place would do the world a great service.

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