From FB page: Support Ukraine, Ukrainians in USA

Ariana Gic.

Putin in Ukraine

Putin’s man in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk, and fellow pro-Russian, “For Life” party member, Ilya Kiva showing their support for the bloody Belarusian dictator in Ukraine’s parliament.

All available evidence suggests Zelensky and Medvedchuk have an informal coalition, both behind the scenes and in plain view.

Note that Zelensky has not made any statement unequivocally condemning Lukashenko’s fraudulent election “win” or gross and unjustified state violence against democratic protestors.


  • The myriad problems that Ukraine suffers from cannot even begin to be alleviated until these two turds and their ilk have been permanently exiled to their spiritual home.

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  • I don’t think that Zel can be expected to make any such statement, because there is nothing in it for Ukraine. For as long as it remains a putinazi vassal, it is an enemy state. If it somehow breaks free (highly unlikely unfortunately), then it should be a natural ally. In such an event, serious thought should be given to creating a new military/intel sharing/trade bloc consisting of Pribaltika, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia and hopefully one day a free Moldova.

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  • How can the Ukrainians tolerate such turds in their midst? Their mere presence in the country is a slap in the faces of every Heavenly Hundred. Maybe some will see it this way too nand give them a sewer rat treatment with Novichok.

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    • It’s certainly a mystery, to put it mildly. In WW2, we had Oswald Mosley and others, beavering away on hitler’s behalf. We locked them up. We were a bit lax with the commie scum though, who for 2 years supported their ally hitler. They only came over to the side of the angels when hitler attacked their darling psycho Josef.

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      • Well, locking up those two scum bags would be a large step in the right direction. I hope that Ukraine will do something about them before they cause too much damage.

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