Breaking: Navalny off ventilator, woke up from coma


Berlin’s Charite hospital where Aleksei Navalny is being treated says his condition ” has improved.” The hospital says Navalny has been “removed from his medically induced coma” and “is being weaned off mechanical ventilation.”

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  • Great! 👍👍👍

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  • It would be nice if he could resume his activities just as before, but it would take a near miracle after ingesting this terrible nerve poison. Hopefully that female lawyer whose name I forget is already warming up on the touchline.
    We should remember people like the Irish hotel pianist who drank from the polonium-affected teapot used by Alexander Litvinenko (even after going through the dishwasher) whose life was profoundly altered. Then there was the copper in Salisbury who got a life altering dose of novichok just from doing his job. Not forgetting the unlucky woman in Salisbury who picked up the perfume bottle containing novichok that had been so callously left by putler’s goons and died terribly.

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