Salary Of 20 Supreme Court Judges UAH 357,000-UAH 742,000 In July

In July, the salary of 20 judges of the Supreme Court ranged from UAH 357,000 to UAH 742,000.

This is stated in the response of the Supreme Court to the request of the Ukrainian News Agency.

Judge Vsevolod Kniazev received UAH 542,000 (including salary – UAH 94,200), judge Nataliya Antoniuk received UAH 375,000 (salary – UAH 84,300), judge Tetiana Antsupova received UAH 445,700 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Svitlana Bakulina received UAH 708,000 (salary – UAH 91,600), judge Volodymyr Britanchuk received UAH 389,200 (salary – UAH 85,600), judge Yurii Vlasov received UAH 685,400 (salary – UAH 90,600), judge Mykhailo Hrytsiv received UAH 742,200 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Dmytro Hudyma received UAH 501,200 (salary – UAH 102,800), judge Zhanna Yelenina received UAH 667,300 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Oleksandr Zolotnikov received UAH 644,000 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Olena Kibenko received UAH 620,600 (salary – UAH 94,200), judge Leonid Loboiko received UAH 597,300 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Nataliya Liaschenko received UAH 667,300 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Oleksandr Prokopenko received UAH 589,000 (salary – UAH 25,700), judge Viktor Prorok received UAH 357,200 with a salary of UAH 42,800, judge Larysa Rohach received UAH 687,400 (salary – UAH 91,600), judge Olena Sytnik received almost UAH 500,000 (salary – UAH 102,800), judge Oleh Tkachuk received UAH 615,800 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Vitalii Urkevych received UAH 597,300 (salary – UAH 111,300), judge Oleksandra Yanovska received UAH 680,300 (salary – UAH 101,500).

The salary is indicated taking into account additional payments, vacation pay, material assistance and taking into account the restrictions on the size of salaries of officials established by the Law on the State Budget of Ukraine for 2020 during the quarantine period.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the salary of the head of the Supreme Court, Valentyna Danishevska, amounted to UAH 507,087 in July.


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