63% of Ukrainians trust church, 44% trust Zelensky – poll


Some 44% of Ukrainians trust President Volodymyr Zelensky, whereas 49% do not trust him, according to a survey taken by the sociological service of the Razumkov Center.

Deputy Director of the Razumkov Center Mykhailo Mishchenko presented the results of the poll at a press conference on Wednesday, July 15, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“Zelensky continues to remain a politician with the highest approval rating – 44% of respondents trust him, but the share of those who do not trust him is 49%,” he said.

The expert recalled that the level of trust in Zelensky was 57% in April and 40% in June.

Mishchenko said that the highest level of trust among public institutions in Ukraine was trust in the Ukrainian Armed Forces – 65%, the church – 63%, and volunteer organizations – 63%, as well as trust in the State Emergency Service, volunteer fighter battalions, the State Border Guard Service, the National Guard, and NGOs.

“All other institutions are distrusted more often than they are trusted,” the sociologist said.

According to the survey, 39% of respondents trust Parliament Speaker Dmytro Razumkov and 45% do not trust him; 14% trust Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and 62% do not trust him; 18% trust Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and 70% do not trust him; 9% trust Head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak and 48% do not trust him.

A nationwide survey was conducted by the Razumkov Center’s sociological service together with the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation between July 3 and 9, using a face-to-face interview at respondents’ place of residence.

A total of 2,022 respondents aged 18 and over were interviewed in all regions of Ukraine, except for Crimea and the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The poll’s margin of error (excluding the design effect) does not exceed 2.3% with a probability of 0.95.

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