Ukraine will coordinate with international partners on sanctions against Belarus, – Kuleba

08:30, 5 September 2020 – Source : 112 Ukraine

Actions are planned in such a way that they are effective and not limited only to slogans.

Ukraine will coordinate issues of sanctions policy in relation to Minsk with international partners. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said this on the  Savik Shuster’s Freedom of Speech program, Ukrinform reports.

We have a clear policy, we are in contact with our partners in order to take steps that will really deal the maximum blow to those who act against the interests of Ukraine, including on the sanctions track,” Kuleba said.

The Foreign Minister noted that in the EU the discussion on measures against Belarus continues, and on this issue he is conducting a dialogue with European partners, with representatives of the United States, and with his German counterpart. Actions are planned in such a way that they are effective and not limited to slogans.

Kuleba stressed his readiness for “the toughest blows.”

In this context, the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy recalled his public statement that Ukraine will “respond symmetrically” to every unfriendly action of Belarus.

As we reported before, the Foreign Ministers of Normandy Format will hold a meeting after the advisers of the countries’ leaders


  • This is another limp wristed statement. Coordinating with international partners means, when they do nothing, we have the perfect excuse to do nothing also. Did the Party of Putin not read the news. Belarus accused Ukraine of funding the opposition protests, and interfering in Belarus.

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