“Distinction for the Defense of Ukraine”: Poroshenko reacted to Russian sanctions against himself


“The sanctions imposed by the Russian authorities against the fifth president Petro Poroshenko and a number of Ukrainian deputies are a sign of quality, as a reward for protecting the state interests of Ukraine.”

This was stated by the leader of the European Solidarity party during a meeting with supporters in Drohobych in the Lviv region.

“The Russian Federation has imposed personal sanctions against Petro Poroshenko. This is a state award. In addition, against Oleg Sinyutka, Stepan Kubiv and many other patriots. This is a sign of quality,” Poroshenko said.

“They tried to scare us for six years. For six years, thanks to our efforts with you, we saved Ukraine. For six years, we thwarted their plans to tear Ukraine apart and create Novorossia. Six years ago, boys and girls, including from Drohobych, went to the Maidan to and then to save European Ukraine. And then directly from the Maidan to the front in order to repel Russian aggression, which can not reconcile with the very fact of the existence of our independent state with you, “- said Petro Poroshenko.

The party leader noted that European Solidarity continues to defend itself inside the country against the fifth column of the Kremlin and the unprofessional government, which fears opposition politicians more than Ukraine’s real enemies.

“Against whom are they fighting? Who are their enemies? Sofia Fedina – because the president considers himself a victim against her. He is afraid of her. So we did not promise an easy life, we promised that the faction of European Solidarity will be the parliamentary special forces, which will not allow us to be dragged by the hair into the Russian Empire “, – the fifth president emphasizes.

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