Belarusian TV promises to air recordings confirming falsification of Navalny poisoning



The recordings of a conversation between Warsaw and Berlin on the falsification of the alleged poisoning of Alexei Navalny intercepted by Belarus will be sent to the republic’s television stations.

“Today’s recordings will be aired on television. We recommend watching the evening news on state channels today,” the Telegram channel of the First Man’s Pool, which is close to the Belarusian presidential press service, said.

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  • Can’t wait to hear this! I predict it will be as believable as the two GRU murderers interviewed on RaT about their interest in British cathedrals. Except not as funny.

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  • Their is a lot of whining coming out of the Kremlin about evidence blah blah blah. Will they present the evidence of this make believe phone call to the West?

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    • I’m sure Derkach has the tapes.

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    • There is a kremtroll on the Telegraph who is posting like no tomorrow. He is undoubtedly a kremkipper. Probably a pathetic inadequate who purchased one of putler’s mail order brides in an attempt to start a troll breeding programme.
      Here is his take on the ‘evidence’ with link. To Tass! :-
      “Pav Lova”
      5 Sep 2020 12:13AM
      “Belarus state TV releases recording of Warsaw-Berlin phone call on incident with Navalny
      MINSK, September 4. /TASS/. Belarus’ state television channel ONT on Friday released a recording of a telephone call about the incident with Russian opposition blogger Alexei Navalny that was intercepted by Belarusian intelligence.
      In the English-language recording of the call between Berlin and Warsaw provided in Russian translation, two individuals discuss the materials on Navalny. The caller from Berlin says that everything proceeds as scheduled and the materials will soon be referred to the German chancellor’s administration. The chancellor, according to him, is to come out with a statement soon.
      When asked by the Polish official whether Navalny’s was really poisoned, the caller from Berlin said it doesn’t matter since any methods are good in warfare.
      The caller from Warsaw says that the scandal could be used to discourage Russian President Vladimir Putin from trying to influence the situation in Belarus and the best way to do it to drone him in Russia’s problems, especially now, ahead of elections in Russian regions. The Berlin caller says he is addressing that matter.
      Further on, the callers discuss the situation in Belarus and the caller from Warsaw admits that things are not that good as he would want as President Alexander Lukashenko has proved to be a “tough nut to crack,” with Russia supporting him and officials and the military being loyal.”
      Needless to say, it would be good for the world if such trolls were strung up.

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