European Parliament condemns attacks of far-right in Ukraine and expresses support for organizations opposing this violence

MEP recalls that in August in Ukraine there were attacks on the buses of a public organization

The European Parliament condemns the attacks of the far-right in Ukraine, as Spanish spokesman Miguel Urban said.

Over the past years, we have seen not only far-right forces, but also extremely dangerous far-right terrorism throughout Europe. We have seen attacks in Germany, Italy, Spain … and mainly in Ukraine. In recent years, far-right forces have incited political violence in the country. Persecuting public organizations and, in principle, any person with opinions that differ. Now we condemn these attacks,” Urban said.

He recalled that in August in Ukraine there were attacks on the buses of a public organization.Related: Large shipment of ammonium nitrate found in destroyed Beirut

We want to express our solidarity on the part of the European Parliament in Brussels and anti-fascists and organizations that resist fascist violence. We express all our solidarity and support,” the MEP added.

As we reported before, On August 27, on Kyiv-Kharkiv highway near Lyubotyn, representatives of the National Corps and Azov carried out an armed attack on a bus transporting 22 people of the Patriots For Life organization. The bus was blocked and the bus was shelled from automatic arms. Two people received gunshot wounds, they are in serious condition. After shelling from automatic weapons the members of Patriots – For Life organization, the attackers were shooting from traumatic weapons, as a result of which two more people were injured. During the attack, one member of the organization was kidnapped. This was reported by the press service of the Opposition Platform – For Life.

“This crime of the National Corps and Azov is a consequence of the impunity of the far-right radicals acting under the direct patronage and incitement of the authorities, including President Zelensky, who openly declares his support for their position,” the party’s statement says.

At the same time, MP from the Opposition Platform – For Life party Oleh Voloshyn said that his political force will ask the European Parliament to recognize the National Corps as a terrorist organization.

President Volodymyr Zelensky also reacted to this incident. He stressed that the impunity of certain individuals gave rise to lawlessness, and therefore, investigations in such cases should be carried out quickly, and the court should be impartial.

“We have been listening to the slogan ‘Law is the same for everybody’ for decades. But we see what empty promises lead to! Many law enforcement agencies have focused on economic and corruption crimes, which are certainly important to fight, but we must prevent a return to the 90s with brazen showdowns on the streets,” Zelensky said.

Later, it was reported that the car of the attackers belongs to head of the National Corps of Dnipropetrovsk region Ivan Kurylenko.

Moreover, in Odesa, representatives of the National Corps far-right party attacked the film crew of Zik TV channel during its live broadcast on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine. It should be noted that a group of the far-right attackers interrupted the broadcast and started pushing journalists, as well as invited guests – Tetiana Plachkova and Bohdan Hihanov. The intruders also damaged the equipment.

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