Dzheppar, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador discuss Ukraine’s acquisition of observer status in OIC


First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar informed Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Ukraine Mohammed bin Sulaiman Al-Mashar about Russia’s persecution of Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea and discussed Ukraine’s initiative to obtain observer status in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

According to the Foreign Ministry’s press service, the diplomats discussed these issues during a meeting on September 2.

The parties expressed mutual interest in the successful implementation of the significant trade, economic and investment potential of the Ukrainian-Saudi Arabian cooperation.

“Dzheppar informed her Saudi colleague in detail about the systemic violations of human rights in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation. She noted the continuing repression by the Russian occupation authorities against the residents of the peninsula who disagree with the occupation, among whom the Crimean Tatars are the most persecuted, in particular, for religious reasons,” the report reads.

During the meeting, the interlocutors discussed cooperation and support for the initiatives of both countries within the framework of international organizations.

“Emine Dzheppar paid special attention to Ukraine’s initiative to obtain an observer status in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which will give additional advantages and open up new opportunities for interaction with the states of the Islamic world, as well as contribute to the further harmonious development of the Muslim community of Ukraine,” the Foreign Ministry noted

The parties exchanged views on interaction within the UN and other international organizations and agreed to act in a spirit of constructive cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

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  • That’s what you get with your tatars. The whole government is full of tatars and jews. A corrupt mafia. Ukraine is being hijacked by the Middle East. Wake up sistas and brothers before it’s too late! 😤

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  • This is Ukraine. Fuck Crimea!

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    • Crimean is and always be Ukraine. If you think that giving up Crimea will enable Donbas to return, you must be dreaming. Donbas and Crimea will remain under Russian occupation until the occupiers are kicked out by force, crippling sanctions, or a regime change in Russia that leads to it becoming a democracy.
      Therefore there is no realistic policy other than insisting on the return of all occupied lands, including Moldova and Georgia, under international law, no matter how long it takes.
      Btw, Crimea is not 80% Russian as you claimed the other day: before the 2014 invasion it was 58% ethnic Russian, yet even despite that disadvantage, Crimea as a whole voted for independence from Russia back in December 1991, as did Donbas.

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      • In other words: full islamization of Ukraine will continue. And did you include the 80% ruSSians in Crimea into your plans? They will not revolt, sabotage or even go into the underground (terrorism)? I wish all involved good luck with this dream, and hope the collision with reality won’t come too soon. It’s a fucking pipe dream, everybody knows it, but obviously i’m the only guy who has the guts to say it loud.

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        • It’s not 80%; see comment above. Not even close. Even if it was, Crimea is still as much a part of Ukraine as anywhere else. No nation state can abandon its own people. In any case, Kuban is majority Ukrainian, but in law, Ukraine cannot reclaim it because it has been stolen; albeit under international law as it stands now. If your logic applies, then Kuban would have to be returned back to Ukraine and Crimea legally declared Russian. But even then, Crimea could never be legally Russian since it was other people’s land that was stolen by force.
          If Ukraine forges friendly relationships with Islamic regimes, that is no different from to the US, which has cultivated countries like Egypt, Pakistan etc for decades. If the US does it, why shouldn’t Ukraine?!

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          • The US is a member if the Organization of Islamic States, the Organization of Turkic States and has a muslim country as its 3rd largest investor and trade partner? Wow! Didn’t know that! You are blind, but i won’t argue with you no more. I won’t seek confrontation with a nice guy. But i will express my opinion when i consider it necessary. All voices must be heard, that is democracy.

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            • I did not say any of those things. I simply stated facts: US and all other developed nations do business with Islamic countries: lots of it. So why shouldn’t a poor country like Ukraine?
              Consider again your logic : you want to surrender Crimea. You must know that it means surrendering Donbas too, since that too will not be returned to Ukraine voluntarily.
              If you allow those lands to be stolen without a murmour of objection, which is what you want, then you leave yourself open to the next land grab : probably Kherson oblast, one of the most unique and beautiful parts of Ukraine. Putler wants the canal that takes the water to Krym from the Dniepr.
              Let them take that also? And then in a few years when that pristine land too is turned into a filthy, festering sewer, you will then will say : ‘so what, we don’t want it anyway.’?
              That’s where your logic is going. Without civilization and the rule of law, you have literally nothing.

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              • I did criticize the DIMENSION of the trade with islamic countries. Also i did never mention a ‘surrender’ of the Crimea, but once the situation allows it to ask crimeans in a free and fair referendum what they want, after Putin is gone. I don’t like it when someone twists everything around i say. The current government is more busy with Crimea and a few stinky tatars than with reforming mainland Ukraine inhabited by 44 million people who are still waiting for the big changes, in particular concerning corruption!

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                • The dimension of trade with Islamic countries is no more than that of a developed country; probably less in fact.
                  You said ‘fuck Crimea’. That means you don’t give a shit what happens to it either way. There isn’t any other possible interpretation. So yes it’s a surrender. You might as well say fuck Donbas or fuck Kyiv, since they are all part of Ukraine.
                  A ‘free and fair referendum’ is impossible under nazi occupation, as you must surely know?
                  You refer to ‘a few stinky Tatars’? More than a few have given their lives defending Ukraine; either in the regular Ukr armed forces, the volunteer battalions or the two Tatar battalions funded by Turkey. Do you mean them? Or perhaps the ones that were tortured and electrocuted by putler’s occupiers, or perhaps they don’t count?
                  Interesting that you refer to the 44m population. That is a pretty good guess I would think for THE WHOLE OF UKRAINE. (Without the occupied territories it might be 37-38m max). Which proves again that you don’t have a country unless all of its components are as one. Same with Georgia, which is currently missing 20% of its land. Would you say to them : fuck Abkhazia and fuck South Ossetia?

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                  • I indeed don’t give a shit about Crimea. And concerning trade, no western state has an islamic country as top ten trade partner. And Ukraine’s population including the Crimea is 49 million, you can google it. Anyway, you can post whatever pleases you. I won’t change my mind. I have partly ukrainian roots, how about you? I’m sure you know way more about slavs and ruSSian culture/mentality than i do. You don’t represent Ukraine, you are British. I respect your views, but they simply don’t belong to this area. In the end it is the people who will have to fix this mess, and nobody else.

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                    • Neither does Ukraine. The population is 44m Max, including occupied territories.
                      It is you who is giving views, which you are entitled to do. I gave you pure facts which can be verified easily.
                      You went through a ‘fuck Crimea’ phase before, which you later recanted.

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