UP: 13-yr-old Ukrainian girl raped by mom’s live-in partner, a Pak citizen, in Vrindavan

I can’t copy the article, the site won’t let me. This is another example of the the Muslim way of life in Pakistan. The bastard should be castrated in public.

Read more at:

(c) Times of India


  • The majority of Indians are of course Hindu, but there are maybe 200m muzloids there too, as well as Sikhs, Buddhists etc. Interestingly the Hindus in India are almost as rapey as the muzloids, but they do not do it in Britain. Whereas for muzloids in Britain it’s business as usual. It’s their culture innit?!
    I hope that this girl can recover from her terrible ordeal.

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    • The guy was a Pakistani, not an Indian, I guess that’s why it got published in the Times of India. Had it been an Indian guy it would have been hushed up.

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  • What a monster! I hope some ukrainian agents will pay him a visit and treat his dick with a mortar!

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  • That’s what happens when some bitch gets together with a Muslim cretin. Too bad for the young girl. I hope she has more brains than her dumbass mother.

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