Belarus Strongman Thanks RT for ‘Support’

Viktor Drachev / TASS

Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko has thanked Russian television channel RT for providing “support” after some staff and presenters at Belarus’s state broadcaster quit in protest over his disputed re-election.

“I am grateful to you for this support,” Lukashenko told an RT journalist in a video released by the channel.

“This is worth a lot,” he said in the clip released on Tuesday. 

“You understand how important you’ve been for us in this difficult period,” Lukashenko said, thanking technical staff, journalists and top management at state-controlled RT.

The journalist speaking to Lukashenko rushed to interject, insisting that RT staff were not replacing anyone in Belarus.

Unprecedented protests broke out in Belarus after Lukashenko, who has ruled the ex-Soviet state for 26 years, claimed re-election with 80 percent of the vote in an August 9 election.

Critics say the election was rigged but the 66-year-old has refused to give in to protesters’ demands to quit. 

Last month around 300 Belarusian state television and radio workers staged strikes in a gesture of support for the protesters. Dozens of employees including a number of top presenters have also quit.

Russian business daily RBC reported on Monday that at least two teams of technical staff from RT had arrived at the studios of state television since August 18 to provide assistance. It said one of the teams had since left.

Belarusian state TV has used RT footage and an RT team is following Lukashenko during his travels around the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has backed Lukashenko and raised the possibility of sending military support if Belarus “starts to get out of control”.

Belarusian authorities have withdrawn the accreditation of a number of journalists with foreign media, including from AFP, and detained local reporters.



  • No RT journalists get arrested, or was it only the journalists telling the truth?

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    • I hope journalists of the Free World are watching these events in Belarus. When Socialism takes root, you will find dictators, and when you find dictators you will find fascism. When you find fascism you will lose any truth, fairness or freedom you had and the journalists will be the first to go. Then why the hell do many Western journalists support Marxism/Socialism?!

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      • Because they are ill-educated morons. You MUST be a moron when you are incapable of looking at the end result of countries that “enjoyed” the aspects of socialism, and there had been more than enough with a handful of survivors today. NON of them are worth more than a pile of turd.

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  • “…at least two teams of technical staff from RT had arrived at the studios of state television since August 18 to provide assistance.”
    Luka knows that no one lies better and more than a Ruskie and a lot of good lies are what he now needs.

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