Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Plans To Address UN Security Council And PACE


Former presidential candidate and opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya intends to address the UN Security Council and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), her press service has reported.

Tikhanovskaya’s press service announced both plans for a speech at a meeting of the UN Security Council on 4 September and an address to the PACE on 8 September.

According to Tikhanovskaya’s representatives, she has already held ten conversations in person and by phone with foreign ministers of different countries from France to Canada and seven conversations with the leaders (presidents and prime ministers) of European countries from Ireland to Poland, including the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

Last Monday, Tikhanovskaya told the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee that government intimidation would not stop the peaceful protesters.  “We will not relent,” the exiled Belarusian opposition leader said, speaking from Vilnius. “We demand to respect our basic rights. We demand all political prisoners be free.”

Since moving to Lithuania, the opposition leader has called on Belarusians to continue to protest peacefully calling for Alexander Lukashenko to step down. The protests follow Lukashenko’s victory in Belarus’s presidential election on 9 August, which the opposition and EU say was rigged.

Last Friday, EU foreign ministers meeting in Berlin agreed to sanction up to 20 senior Belarusian officials for their role in “fraudulent elections” and the subsequent crackdown on peaceful protesters. The individuals have not yet been named and the list is expected to grow.

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  • The claims of certain posters that Svetlana is pro-RuSSia and anti-West or anti-EU are nonsense. Sadly the UN will, as always, do little to nothing. And if they try, RuSSia and China will veto all efforts.

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    • She and her husband support the occupation of Crimea and have visited since the invasion. That means they are pro-putler/anti-west.
      InformNapalm International Intelligence Community established as a fact that Siarhei Tsikhanouski visited Ukraine’s temporarily occupied territory in Crimea unlawfully in 2017 and produced a video claiming that Belarus has always been a part of the so-called “Russian world.”
      The wife refers to RuSSia as ‘our big brother’.

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      • That is your opinion. I, like almost 60% of ukrainians don’t believe Crimea will ever be returned. So why would i care?Does this spoil my support for Ukraine? If patriotism means to blindly follow one single opinion i may not be a patriot. I can think for myself. I’m sure Putin is getting horny from the neverending whining about Crimea. I respect yours and f1’s views on Crimea 100%, but i personally don’t care no more about Crimea. I care about 44 million ukrainians north of Crimea and their future.

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        • Nothing to do with my opinion. It’s from InformNapalm, just about the most reliable info source out there. It is you who gave an opinion, which is your right. But it is factually wrong.

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  • ‘We demand an end to the pro-Russia/anti-Ukraine dictatorship of Luka!
    We want to run our own pro-putler anti-Ukraine dictatorship!’

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