Private Companies Join General Strike On 1 September


A variety of companies – from small coffee shops to beauty salons and service stations – announced their support of the general strike in Belarus as a sign of solidarity and dissatisfaction with the current situation. Most of them are reportedly in Minsk but there are some in the regions too.
Among the companies that announced 1 September as a non-working day are shops, online stores, bars, cafes, beauty salons, print shops, service stations, a language school, a car-sharing service, an architectural bureau, a sports club, a bicycle shop, and a flooring salon.
Here is an incomplete list [it is constantly growing] of companies that supported the general strike in Belarus and refused to work on 1 September: the GALIAFY bookstore, the GT car wash, the iLabs phone repair shop, the Libreria bookstore in Novaya Borovaya district, the Plato climbing wall, the Beauty studio DETALI, FENIX beauty salons, wine bar SVOBODY. 4, Klumba bar, TNT ROCK CLUB bar, BackDoor bar, O PETIT MINSK coffee shop, TOOK coffee shop, 32.08 Eternal Summer coffee shop, Zerno coffee house, SurfCofee coffee shop, Dreva coffee shop, Staya sports club, Ekobar online store, LSTR Adziennie store, ZenWear store, 9.22store and many others.

“One day of lost profit is not a big deal. It is scary to live in a country where there is no law […] and people have been deprived of the right to choose. It is scary to live in a country where teachers are threatened to be kicked out of school if they do not share the ‘state ideology’,” the representatives of Minsk sports hall DVOR said.
“It is scary to live in a country where ‘only a business loyal to the state can get equal conditions with state-owned companies’ […] we do not want to live in fear and lawlessness […] we are one people! ” they wrote on their Instagram page.
“We cannot sell joy when there is so much sorrow in the country,” a Last Continent craft workshop explained their position.

The LinguaLand language school announced a non-working day on 1 September. On Tuesday, teachers will not conduct classes, and the office will take calls and process applications.
“We take an informational break so that the voice of the Belarusian people is heard. We do not close our eyes to what is happening.”
The language school noted that they also stand in solidarity with the sriking workers of factories.
“We sincerely would like to meet 1 September – Knowledge Day –with you. But the only knowledge we have now is the awareness of oneness with you. Like you, we believe in change and honesty. Threats of dismissal of teachers, blocking of sites that truthfully cover events in the country, and dispersal of peaceful assemblies are also unacceptable for us,” the language school explained.

“We believe that not only the composition of the products should be honest,” the Ecobar online store said on its Instagram page. The store will not work due to technical work that needs to be done after multiple internet failures in August.

At the same time, the Ecobar store in Grushevka will be closed on Sunday.

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