Poland excludes Russia from the list of countries with which air traffic is prohibited

The Polish Cabinet of Ministers has updated the list of countries from which civil flights are prohibited. The list, according to the website of the Polish Radio Zet, excludes the Russian Federation, China, France and Croatia. Added Albania, Spain, Malta and Romania to the list.

The new list, which includes 44 countries, will be valid from September 2 to 15.

The ban does not apply to flights that are operated with the consent of the Prime Minister of Poland, as well as flights related to defense needs.

Russia closed international communications, including with Poland, at the end of March. On August 1, the Russian government allowed the resumption of flights to Great Britain, Tanzania and Turkey. Reports have repeatedly appeared that the list of countries to which one can fly from Russia will be expanded. However, the Russian government has not yet made such a decision, stating only that the resumption of flights to other countries is possible only with a thorough assessment of the epidemiological situation and strictly on the basis of reciprocity.

Poland also cut off international flights at the end of March. Flights to a number of countries, primarily those belonging to the European Union, were again allowed from June 17. The list of countries, air traffic with which remains prohibited, is regularly updated by the Polish government.

(C)MEDUZA 2020

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