Groysman demands that Cabinet to restore 2019 govt decision on increasing teachers’ salaries

Groysman demands that Cabinet to restore 2019 govt decision on increasing teachers' salaries

Prime Minister of Ukraine (2016-2019) Volodymyr Groysman appealed to the current government with a demand to restore decree No. 822 adopted in July 2019 on the increase of teachers’ salaries by 20-70%.

“Last July, our government adopted decree No. 822, which provides for an increase in teachers’ salaries from 20 to 70%. The next government of Oleksiy Honcharuk canceled it. I appeal to the current government: the budget process is underway. It is important and it is necessary to return to our decision and raise salaries for teachers in 2021. That would be right,” Groysman said during the opening of the communal institution Gymnasium No. 24 in Vinnytsia.

He also said that today it is wrong and irresponsible to throw off all responsibility for the educational process on the local authorities and individual educational institutions.

“There should be a state standard for the protection of a child and a teacher. The second issue is financing the work of teachers, technical personnel who must disinfect, clean the premises, and issues of protection measures, disinfection algorithms, social distance, security systems in each institution. Who will finance this? This is from UAH 4 billion to UAH 5 billion by the end of the year. This is people’s money. Now it is the responsibility of local authorities,” Groysman said.


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