Denmark Summons Russian Envoy Over Airspace Violation

Denmark said Tuesday it had summoned the Russian ambassador for talks after a Russian jet fighter violated the Scandinavian country’s airspace during a NATO exercise last week.

“I take very seriously Russia’s unacceptable violation of Danish airspace. It is absolutely essential that everybody — including Russia — respects the ground rules and international principles,” Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said in a statement.

“That message has been relayed to the Russian ambassador today. It has been made clear that this must not happen again.”

NATO also denounced Russia’s aggressive behavior.

The incident, which occurred on Friday over the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic, was “the first of this kind for several years and indicates a new level of Russian provocative behavior,” NATO said in a statement.

The Alliance said a US B52 bomber was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 fighter and followed well into Danish airspace over the island, “committing a significant violation of airspace of a NATO nation.” 

The US aircraft was taking part in a training activity in which six B52 aircraft flew over all 30 NATO member nations in a single day, accompanied by and training with around 80 fighter aircraft from across the Alliance.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • “That message has been relayed to the Russian ambassador today. It has been made clear that this must not happen again.”

    Where is the bit at the end of the sentence that says, next time we will not warn your flying junk, it will be blown out of the sky? Where is the NATO response to this, or the US response to this? No wonder Russia violate airspace with impunity, the gutless bastards in the West are either scared, or in Putin’s pay, take your pick. Had the roles been reversed, I have no doubt at all Russia would not hesitate to shoot down a NATO plane.

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    • It entered Danish airspace? If that is correct then it should have been shot down. The putlerstanis have flown thousands of sorties to the edge of British airspace since putler revived the old Russian practices, but they never once violated our space. If they do, it’s an open invitation for target practice.

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    • Yeah, the response was like one you’d give a 5-year old after an accident. But, that is mostly accurate when dealing with the Moskali. It’s just a matter of time before they end up hurting an American and then there will be hell to pay, which is probably what the suicidal Putin regime wants. They want to show their sheep they can provoke the big dog but they’re not advanced enough as a species to understand the consequences.
      I would like to know where the escorts were for this bomber? That Lada junk shouldn’t have gotten anywhere near that bomber.

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  • We will never know if a couple of F22s escorting this plane had locked on to the Russian, and give him a friendly warning. I doubt the B52 was flying alone.

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  • “That message has been relayed to the Russian ambassador today. It has been made clear that this must not happen again.”
    Sorry, but I can’t help it but seeing the Ruskies rolling on the floor, laughing. This is a typical wussy response that the West is so famous for.

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  • I posted about this five hours ago. 😂

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