Belarus could close borders outside Brest, Grodno to western countries – Lukashenko

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said he believes major European countries have not imposed sanctions on Belarus because they know that Belarus could close its borders outside Brest and Grodno, so they ordered the Baltic States to attack.

“More experienced countries understand that they shouldn’t bully Belarus, because it could close its borders outside Brest and Grodno, and German cargo wouldn’t be able to reach the East so easily,” the Belarusian state-run news agency BelTA cited Lukashenko as saying.

The weaker Baltic States were given the command “to attack” Belarus, he said.

“They were given the command ‘sic ’em!’ and they started barking from behind the fence. That’s how I view it,” Lukashenko said.

(c) Interfax


  • Close your borders Luka, you’ll come worse off, not the EU. EU trade with Belarus is $10 billion, trade with Muscovy is $12 billion. If you want to cut your trade by almost 50% go ahead. I’m sure Putler will be all too willing to prop up your collapsed economy, for a price.

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  • англійський масон

    He’s every bit as thick as his paedo playmate.

    The usual bollocks about the ‘West’ ordering other Countries to do what the West wants.

    They wanted and got independence because they were fed up with being told what to do.

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    • He doesn’t understand that the Baltics had 45 years of Moscow telling them what to do. Now nobody tells them what to do, unlike Belarus, which dances to Putler’s tune.

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  • Sic ‘em? Is that from a translation, or did he really use that arcane term? Either way he has revealed himself to be as dumb as a box of spanners. How the hell did such a redneck get to run a country for so long?
    Anyway, it does remind me of a song by the outlaw blues band Canned Heat. They were hippies who didn’t like cops because of their massive drugs use, but they were solid guys. I feel sure that they would not have supported the Marxist trash that run blm/antifa because at the end of the day they believed in the American Dream.

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    • The article was from the English version of Interfax, but I have no doubt it was translated, not sure Luka is fluent in the English language. Putin is doing a good job on Luka, you can see the trap closing in on him. Close the borders, only rely on Russia, the West want to steal all your assets. Sooner or later, this dumbass will look around, and see the only option he has is Putin. The West don’t give a shit about Belarus anyway, and the Belarus public don’t give a shit about the EU, so their future, is not looking good.

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