Ukraine’s top 10 trading partners


Russia: US$3.7 billion (7.7% of total Ukrainian exports)
Poland: $3.3 billion (6.9%)
Italy: $2.6 billion (5.6%)
Turkey: $2.4 billion (5%)
Germany: $2.2 billion (4.7%)
China: $2.2 billion (4.7%)
India: $2.2 billion (4.6%)
Hungary: $1.6 billion (3.5%)
Netherlands: $1.6 billion (3.4%)
Egypt: $1.6 billion (3.3%)

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  1. Except for Poland the rest is either RuSSia itself or pro-ruSSian asslickers.

    Off topic: This is my last article as author on this site. I am very busy making money and don’t have the time no more. But i told you so months ago already. Will surely continue to comment when i have some spare time, but that will be it. Thanks for reading my posts and the great feetback! 😎

  2. That comes to only 50%, I wonder how the other 50% is distributed? The last time I saw, the UK was importing c. $600m from Ukraine, but I am sure that has risen and will rise again significantly after Brexit.
    But the Russia figure is a stranglehold that must be broken. They simply must prioritize finding other markets.
    How does the chick at the top fit the article? Is it trying to imply that Ukr sex workers are a key component? A tasteless stereotype if so. But Russia yes of course. Theirs can be found in large numbers in rich shitholes like Dubai.

    • Sorry, my temper. Just read that Turkey is the 3rd largest investor in Ukraine, it pissed me off so much i chose the picture. Turkey, like RuSSia, is a shithole, it’s economy in free fall, it’s currency plunging fast, and its president is an islamofascist. Let’s hope France and Greece will not be dragged into a war by Erdogoon! Anyway, the UA government is taking Ukraine in the totally wrong direction.

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