“This would have grave consequences for the relationship between Belarus and Russia.” Tikhanovskaya – on the possible introduction of Russian forces

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the main rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential elections in Belarus, warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against sending officers of the Russian security forces to the republic.

“We demand from all countries to respect the sovereignty of Belarus. At the same time, we are extremely concerned about the statements of Mr Putin to send the Russian OMON to Belarus. This would be a serious violation of the sovereignty of Belarus and would have grave consequences for relations between Belarus and Russia, ”Tikhanovskaya said.

On August 27, Vladimir Putin said that at the request of Alexander Lukashenko, he had formed a reserve of law enforcement officers, which, if necessary, could be sent to Belarus. He stated that this can only happen as a last resort – if “extremist elements start robbery.” The next day, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov specified that the Kremlin proceeds from the assumption that this reserve “will not be used in any way.”

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