Lukashenka promises ‘changes’


Belarus’ dictator Lukashenko announced changes in his authoritarian state after yesterday’s protests in Minsk and other cities.

‘Changes, changes’, the leader said this Monday.

‘We need changes in the system and the constitution. And we will discuss this now’, he added.

Observers conclude that the support for Lukashenko within the system is shrinking, but doubt he will resign. He wants to stay in power.

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  • Interesting. Looks like he won’t allow Putin to slaughter half of Minsk.

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    • He’s going to have a referendum. No doubt part of this referendum hidden away near the bottom, will be a paragraph stating he becomes president for life. If he is counting the votes, then the outcome of this referendum is already known. The opposition should tell him, no referendum, we had one 3 weeks ago, you lost.

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      • Probably managed by a “3rd party” or namely; the Kremlin. Then they will have “consultations” for reform which will be conducted by the 3rd party representatives too. If the protesters aren’t anti-Moskovia now, they will be after such moves.

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