The 50th protest rally in defense of Sergei Furgal took place in Khabarovsk. People chanted “Putin, have some tea, Khabarovsk treats you!”

For the 50th time in a row, residents of Khabarovsk staged an unauthorized rally in support of the former governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, who was arrested in connection with the organization of murders and assassination attempts.

According to the Khabarovsk website, the action began at about noon local time. Its participants marched through the central streets of the city and held a traditional rally on Lenin Square, where the administration of the Khabarovsk Territory is located.

The Khabarovsk mayor’s office estimated the number of protesters at 1,200. However, according to journalists, “you can talk about thousands of people.” A convoy also took part in the march, according to the telegram channel Avtozak LIVE.

The participants were chanting “Putin – a thief”, ” Degtyarev , come out”, “The government – resign!”, “Putin, drink tea , Khabarovsk treats!”, Says Twitter headquarters in Khabarovsk Navalny, who leads the online broadcast of the action. Many carried posters in support of Alexei Navalny, who is in a coma at the Berlin Charite clinic.

There were very few police at the unauthorized rally, and there was no police at all in front of the regional administration building, where the protesters were standing, the same source noted .

Protests in Khabarovsk have continued since July 11. Promotions are held on a daily basis, with the most numerous on Saturdays.

(c)MEDUZA 2020

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  • Too bad that this protest movement hasn’t spread into other regions of mafia land. I guess it substantiates the fact that the Ruskie people are mostly cowards and enjoy being subjugated.

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