Man’s Message For Rioters Who Burned Down His Business

Those querying the origins and motivations of BLM, including some of the commenters here, might be interested in this extract from :

“Thousand Currents, the California-based charity that manages fundraising operations for the national arm of Black Lives Matter, includes on its board a convicted terrorist whose sentence was commuted by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

Susan Rosenberg was identified as the vice chair of the Thousand Currents board of directors on the organization’s website until Wednesday when the page was taken down after the conservative think tank Capital Research Center detailed her involvement with a communist terrorist group that had carried out bombings in New York and Washington, D.C., in the early 1980s.

Rosenberg’s involvement with the May 19 Communist Organization earned her a spot on the FBI’s Most Wanted List…”

A founder of BLM, a lesbian named Patrisse Cullors, has stated on record that “we are trained Marxists”. I think we can infer from that where the ‘training’ came from.

The climate change activists, blm/antifa and their UK analogues are part of the international Marxist movement that Labour signed up to years ago. The Dems have also chosen to embrace this drivel: the most influential people in their party are Bernie Sanders, his commie sidekick AOC and another leftist veteran and Britain-hater Nancy Pelosi. 

The security services in Britain and America should track down the funding for these domestic terrorists, seize their and their families’ assets and shut them down. The recovered cash should be used to repair the massive damage their activities caused.

Russia was involved with Green Peace and many other agitprop trash like the Panthers, in the 1960’s. For sure they will be involved now, one way or another.


  • It’s already proven that islamists are behind BLM and the riots. It’s a war against America. Anybody taking part in violence and vandalism should be treated like a terrorist, this includes mayors and governors who collaborate with the mob.

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    • BLM/antifa etc are mainly white middle class punks who have been radicalised by hard left college professors. No doubt their are a few pisslamists involved, but those savages can only blow people up and rape women and boys. This shit is just not in their skill set.
      The organisers are the people I mentioned: commies such as Rosenberg with bozos like Patrisse Cullors to do the leg work.

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  • The BLM movement has turned out to be nothing more than an opportunity for all sorts of leftist filth to ransack, loot, burn, injure and kill. The majority are criminals in every sense of the word and should be treated as such.

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  • Time for another McCarthy witch hunt in the US?

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