Su-27 fighters practice landing on highway in Ukraine (Video)

As part of the drills, Ukrainian military worked out the scenario of response to a full-scale invasion.

Photo from UNIAN

Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine’s Armed Forces on Thursday held military exercises in Rivne region, involving landing and take-off of Su-27 fighter jets on the Kyiv-Chop highway. Traffic was temporarily blocked on the relevant part of the highway, TSN reported.

The 39th tactical aviation brigade involved twelve fighters were involved, of which Su-27s were deployed in the area of the Kyiv-Chop highway, Glavcom reports.

One of the warplanes carried out additional weather reconnaissance, two jets flew at ultra-low altitudes over the road, and another one touched down and took off.

“These skills will come in handy for war pilots in the event of a large-scale enemy invasion,” the report reads, adding that the Ukrainian military will be able to use the section of the Kyiv-Chop highway as a runway.

The rest of the planes engaged in the drill that took off from the Zhytomyr airfield practiced intercepting bomber in the sky over Khmelnytsky and Volyn regions and forcing the enemy planes to land.

This is not the first time the Armed Forces carry out such exercises. In 2016, the Ukrainian MiG-29s made a training landing and takeoff at the same highway as part of the Sky Shield 2016 drill.

(C)UNIAN 2020

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  • Nice show. But the Ukrainian Air Force is no match for RuSSia. A massive air defense system that can even track ruSSian stealth(LOL!)-bombers is what Ukraine needs. I’d recommend US systems.

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