From the FB Page of Petro Poroshenko


Today John McCain was supposed to be 84 years old. He was a great person, professional, principled politician and a true friend of Ukraine. In 2018, the disease took him away from us. Ukraine, like America, will always lack it.

We remember how during the Revolution of Dignity, in minus 26 degrees, he came out to people on the Maidan to express the support we so needed.

We remember his help during the Munich Security Forum when the world around Ukraine was to be consolidated.

I have a few personal memories of Mr. Senator that vividly demonstrates what an unpeachable personality John McCain was.

When in 2016 I, as president, offered him to go to Shyrokyny together and greet Ukrainian marines, he moved his visit to Georgia and said his place here in Ukraine. I then told John you’re an American senator you don’t have to be there. And that was the first time John was offended by me for just thinking about offering him it. Right there, in Shyrokin, we made this memorable photo.

Good and principles without compromise – this was John McCain – the real hero of America, but also the real hero of Ukraine. Thanks to him and remember. R.I.P.


  • Happy birthday, Johnny! 🇺🇸🇺🇦

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  • Lets recall what Nemtsov said to McCain. Words that could have been applied to both himself and McCain.

    “You know, Senator, Putin really hates you.” This drew a smile from the senator. “Do you know why he hates you, Senator?” Nemtsov asked and paused. “It’s because he’s afraid of you. And the reason he’s afraid of you is that he knows that deep down, you will always stand by your principles. That frightens him, because unlike you, he is a man without principles.”

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  • John McCain was a true patriot and an honorable politician. Too many others are neither and some even worse. John McCain was an American hero, whose intelligence and foresightedness shone far and wide. He was a giant among dwarfs.

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