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August 28

Open Ukraine Now!

There is no logic in government’ actions to close border for foreign tourists, especially when entrance would be still allowed for those who are visiting Ukraine for medical treatment, some of the business travel, diplomats , relatives of the first line, sportsmen and some others.

What is the danger of a foreign tourist for Ukraine who arrives from a green zone, where covid situation is much better than in Ukraine, or who has a negative test?

Such restrictions ruin tourism industry and in particular activity of all the incoming tour operators.
There will no hope for the end of 2020 season, and might be no hope for the beginning of season 2021.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t join today’s protest of the Ukrainian travel industry in Kyiv.
We are in the Ukrainian Bessarabia, Odesa region, on the awesome FAM trip, discovering new places for our future tourists, were making plans for our partners from different corners of the world, and were dreaming about representing Ukraine internationally again.
But there will be no tourist, no season and no business if our government will continue acting like this…

We all hope the voice of incoming tour operators, hotels, restaurants, event companies will be heard!
Let our people work!

Open Ukraine Now!



  • англійський масон

    We have decided we are not bringing anyone to Ukraine until it is absolutely safe, not only for our customers, many of whom are older, but also for the people of Ukraine.

    This has delayed our Travel business for another year, but safety is paramount.

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  • Ukraine should not have allowed 100.000 people to visit Turkey in the first place. Now they imported the pest to every corner of the country, making even my Yulia sick, the authorities had to pull the emergency brake. BTW, has China finally begun to compensate the world for the pest they released?

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